The White Rock Home Tour will be April 27-28, 2019.

Please join us for the 14th annual WRHT as we showcase 6 mid-century and new modern homes, all to benefit DISD's Hexter Elementary. TICKETS ON SALE SOON!


“My passion has always involved architecture and the joy of connecting people with a space that they can call home. Today, as a parent of 2 children who thrive in our amazing community school, Hexter Elementary, my passion has grown beyond just connecting people with architecture, but rather connecting people with a greater community and a common cause...our children.

Sponsoring the White Rock Home Tour and being a part of the collective of Hexter parents tasked with finding these beautiful homes and generous homeowners is how I give back to my neighborhood, my community, and my school.”


“As a longtime resident of the White Rock Lake area, specifically Old Lake Highlands, I can't think of a more vibrant community to live and work.

My husband and I fell in love with the lake and the unique vibe of the neighborhood back when searching to buy our very first mid-century modern home almost 15 years ago. It has been a pleasure to watch our children grow up here, and now, for our family to be active members of the Hexter community.

Since living in the neighborhood, we haven’t missed a single year of the White Rock Home Tour. So now, as a Realtor and proud Hexter mom, I am pleased and honored to sponsor the White Rock Home Tour, and to give back to the community that has contributed so much to our family.”


“I am always excited to see what will be on the tour each year, it is always an excellent opportunity for increasing awareness and appreciation for our local residential architecture and design culture, specifically modern homes. Whether it is mid-century homes that still exist in their original condition, restorations, renovations, or recent construction, they all offer opportunities for exposure to quality design.
Through the variety of digital and printed media, modernism is perhaps more accessible than ever, but nothing can replace actually experiencing a project in person. These tours provide that opportunity. I am proud to be a part of this years event.”

CLIFF WELCH, AIAWelch Architecture

“There are many great home tours in the North Texas area, but we value our collaborations with the White Rock Home Tour especially. Curated by a passionate group of volunteers on behalf of a worthy cause, the tour spotlights the residential architecture of one of Dallas' most interesting neighborhoods. Their attention to Ju-Nel Homes, a small firm which created some wonderful mid-century gems specifically for their sites and using materials particular to Texas, is exciting and led to a popular exhibition at the Center several years ago. This is an event not to be missed.”

GREG BROWNDallas Center for Architecture

“As a realtor specializing in modern homes, the White Rock Home Tour is a perfect fit for me and I am proud to sponsor this event every year. When I have families that need to balance their love of modern homes with the need for a good school for their children, Hexter Elementary is often the first area I show them.”

ED MURCHISONVice President, Virginia Cook Realtors

“I'm blown away with how positive this experience has been. EVERYONE who is a part of the tour has been so friendly, gracious, professional and kind. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I felt so proud to be part of such a coveted local event.”

Erin MichaelHomeowner from the 2017 White Rock Home Tour

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