Our Story

Origins of the White Rock Home Tour.

The White Rock Home Tour, now in its 12th year, was conceived by a small group of Hexter Elementary School parents who were interested in mid-century architecture. These industrious parents found a way to combine their love of modern design and passion for supporting their neighborhood school in Old Lake Highlands.

It was a fortunate coincidence that the Tour’s founding parents were neighbors and lived on a lovely street graced with Ju-Nel homes. Designed by Lyle Rowley and Jack Wilson, the mid-century modern homes feature low horizontal flat roofs, open space, rather than traditional rooms, an appreciation of nature and a prominent use of glass, which leads to an abundance of natural light. The tour began as a showcase for the area’s treasure trove of Ju-Nel Mid-Century Moderns (MCMs) and remains committed to providing tour-goers with access to some of the most interesting (and sometimes hidden) MCMs and new modern homes in the area.

As an added bonus to enjoying the area’s most beautiful modern home design, tour-goers have the satisfaction of knowing that every dollar spent on the tour goes to the Hexter Elementary PTA. Like the modern homes showcased by the WRHT, Hexter is a true gem of a DISD school. The school has won a coveted Blue Ribbon award and continues to be one of the highest performing elementary schools in the District and in Texas. The school serves a diverse population of students with a top-notch public education. Parent engagement at the school is exceptionally high and the White Rock Home Tour is one of our most significant fundraisers, allowing us to invest in needed campus improvements, technology and literacy. We love our school and our WRHT and are thankful to be a part of such a wonderful community that supports modern architecture and public education!

“White Rock Home Tour was conceived in 2006 to celebrate the untold story of two up and coming Dallas architects from the 1950’s whose mid-century modern home designs shaped the northeast side of White Rock Lake.  The tour draws together a group of people who appreciate good design, who are drawn to White Rock Lake, and who support strong neighborhoods and the schools that serve them.”

-Christine Rogers 
Founder, White Rock Home Tour
Co-Founder, SparkFarm